From the Archives: Papa, je t’aime

I've written at length about my mom, Nancy, but haven't given much space to Papa Jolie, who's obviously shaped and influenced my life in so many wonderful ways.  My Concorde-flying, multi-lingual, international-man-of-intrigue daddy was profoundly bad ass, but that's another story for another medium--the easy merci comes from the importance my foreign father placed on culture, ...

Dior J’Adore The Future is Gold Commercial Starring Charlize Theron

Christian Dior has released a new commercial for its J’Adore Dior fragrance, starring long-time face Charlize Theron. It’s equally mesmerizing and schlocky, full of perfume ad cliches: long legs strutting down an ornately-decorated hallway, heavily-makeuped eyes smoldering, breathy voiceover, melodic Euro-trance music. Watch it here.

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb for Men

I consider myself lucky that E. and I have the same taste in fragrances, because is there anything worse than your significant other simply loving a scent that makes you gag? (Well, yes, of course, there are worse things, but this is a beauty blog, so moving on…) E. and I are basically fragrance soul mates, so we both gravitate toward spicy, musky, sexy scents with notes like vanilla, musk, leather, sandalwood, you get the idea.

Frédéric Malle Liberty of London Holiday Collaboration

When I heard that epic perfume range Frédéric Malle was collaborating with Liberty to celebrate Frédéric Malle’s 5-year anniversary, it made for a no-brainer post. To commemorate the anniversary, Frédéric sorted through the Liberty archives to give the 18 hand-selected bottles in the limited-edition collection iconic Liberty prints. (Liberty, you see, is famous for its centuries-old traditions of floral prints and artistic collaborations.)