Confession: I am a Prince Harry stalker! (No, not really…)

From the archives…

File this under: totally embarrassing.

When I was in London back in April, I spent my first few nights staying with my friend Jerramy Fine. I was there writing articles about Kate Middleton’s wedding and Jerramy was prepping to launch her Princess Prep camp, so like any good royal obsessives, we spent several hours deep-diving on all things Windsor.

Jerramy had been invited to take part in a Grazia magazine article on “Harry Hunters”: American women who come to England to stalk Prince Harry in the hopes of becoming the next Kate Middleton. She was fairly horrified by the idea, but me being, well, me, I thought it was hilarious and wanted to take part. Grazia is sort of the UK equivalent of People magazine but with more fashion and beauty–a nice mention for a budding royalty writer. After my press debacle several years ago, I’ve developed a thicker skin: any press is good press, as long as they spell your name correctly, right? (Oh! Silly Jolie! Have you learned nothing?)

I will summarize the highlights of the night for you…

Royalty Roundup: Happy Birthday Princess Margaret!

Today would have been Princess Margaret’s 84th birthday. Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister is one of my all-time favorite royals. She was beautiful, glamorous (Mick Jagger was a close pal), famously hedonistic (you try finding photos of any other royals smoking in public, let alone naked in the bathtub wearing only jewels), and haughty as hell.

This Week in Royalty: Prince Harry Gets Busy!

Prince Harry was spotted making out at Guy Pelly’s club Tonteria with Scottish lass Camilla Thurlow, a former Miss Edinburgh who works for Princess Diana’s land mine charity The Halo Trust. According to the Daily Mail, however, it’s unlikely that it was anything but a bit of fun during a rowdy World Cup party.

Also, some chubby-cheeked baby turned 1.