This Week in Royals: Duchess Kate gets nautical, Cressida shows Harry what he’s missing, and Harry bonds with more farm animals

We had quite a bit of action on the Royals front this week! Duchess Kate attended The Queen’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party–I am SO dying to make it into one of these–where she recycled a favorite Alexander McQueen dress.

God, to raid this girl’s wardrobe.

My Favorite Duchess Kate Outfits From Her Tour Down Under

Before Kate and Co. went on their Australia and New Zealand tour, I was experiencing major royal fatigue–paradoxically, I think, from not seeing them enough. (Out of sight, out of mind, etc, etc.) But after three weeks of William, Kate, and Prince “Cheeks” George parading around non-stop in the cutest outfits, all I want is more!

Easily manipulated, obviously.

Now that the tour has finally finished, I’ve had a chance to go back through Kate’s outfits and pick my favorites:

Ramble: Duchess Kate’s DVF dress sells out in 8 minutes

I'm up against a deadline for my next book, which is why it's been a little quieter 'round these parts recently. So, consider this a Mini Ramble: Duchess Kate in Australia edition! I just saw while procrastinating from writing the book (obviously) that the blue and white Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress that Duchess Kate wore today ...