Sponsored: Your Best Beautiful with Olay Sensitive Body Wash

Last month, I talked about how I’ve pledged to lead a healthier life and am trying to make better food choices, moving away from processed toward natural and organic. This month, I’m making another switch: I pledge to switch to Olay Sensitive Body Wash. Formulated to be mild on sensitive skin but still an effective cleanser, Olay ...

Sponsored: Finding Your Best Beautiful

When I was younger, my mother was all about organic and natural products. She shopped at health food stores way before Whole Foods even existed, and would do (to me) weird things like drink raw, unpasteurized milk, eat local honey for its immunity properties, and spend way too much money on the organic produce upgrade. Of course, this is all super common now! A trend-setter, Mama Jolie was.

Perhaps as a reaction to my mother, I’ve never paid much attention to the quality of my foods. Sure, being raised on organic fruits and veggies means that you’re naturally drawn to healthy foods, so luckily I’m hardly a chips and cookies addict. But I never really cared whether something was organic, locally-grown, soy or not soy, with hormones, or sustainably-raised. As long as it was relatively healthy and tasted good, I was in!

Beauty Inspiration: Cindy Crawford for Meaningful Beauty

There are supermodels, and then there is Cindy Crawford.

Cindy is obviously one of the most enduring supermodels of our time: you know that.

What you might not know is that she’s crazy smart. Not only was she valedictorian of her high school class (testament to her diligence and a great work-ethic), but she also went to Northwestern on an academic scholarship for Chemical Engineering.

You know, as most models do.

(Video) Giveaway: Win a Meaningful Beauty 30 Day Skincare System!

It's week 2 of my Meaningful Beauty #MeaningfulChanges Challenge--and to celebrate, I'm offering one winner a 30 Day Meaningful Beauty Skincare System! To win, watch my YouTube video review of the Meaningful Beauty system below (I'm sorry it's so long, but I go into detail on what I like about each product) and then comment on YouTube ...

Meaningful Beauty 21 Day Meaningful Changes Challenge

For the next 21 days, I’m going to break a bad skincare habit while making a new habit that will bring meaning to my life. I’m pretty damn good with my skincare habits…with one notable exception: sunscreen.

Oh, sure, I apply sunscreen diligently to my face and have since I was 12. (That’s when my slightly vain mother had an epic meltdown about a newly discovered neck wrinkle.) But I always forget to apply sunscreen to my hands, my decollete, and, yes, my neck: all delicate areas that soak up the sun, damage easily, and betray your age.

So, I’ll be using Meaningful Beauty products exclusively over the next 3 weeks–and am especially excited about the Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck Treatment SPF 15, which I’m slathering everywhere…