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Beauty Confidential

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Renowned beauty expert Nadine Haobsh has the answers to the world’s really BIG questions:

  • How much should I tip my hair stylist (and the shampoo girl and the colorist)?
  • How red can I go before my lips make me look too vampy?
  • What’s the best perfume for my lifestyle?
  • What’s the proper method for using that most important beauty accessory, the eyelash curler?
  • Is it ever too early to get Botox?


Forget celebrity trends and complicated how-to books. In Beauty Confidential, Nadine names names and provides the inside scoop on the products that are worth it and those to forget. In this must-have handbook for the modern girl, she offers industry secrets and insider tips on everything beauty—from how to make a dye job last to finding the ideal mascara to creating the perfect ponytail—fearlessly debunking with wit, style, and smarts the common beauty myths perpetuated by the top magazines. With Nadine’s expert guidance and priceless secrets, you’ll learn how to put yourself together flawlessly in under ten minutes . . . and you’ll have the best skin and hair at any age!


“Fans will get a kick out of this cleverly cartoonish behind-the-scenes view of the beauty biz.”

Rebook Magazine

Nadine’s writing is as shimmery and fun as your favorite lip gloss. (And equally as juicy!) The hilarious escapades of her brainy but batty beauty guru are so addictive, you won’t be able to stop yourself from devouring every glamorous page.”

Jerramy Fine | author of Someday My Prince Will Come, The Regal Rules for Girls, and Bright Young Royals

Packed with tasty insider details about the beauty industry that are rendered with a reporter’s skillfull eye, but she also displays a talent for crackling, witty dialogue. This is must-read fiction for anyone who can’t bring themselves to throw out last month’s issue of Vogue.

Christopher Rice | New York Times Bestselling Author of A Density of Souls and Blind Fall

Everything beauty.