Newlyweds: Episode 3 (My Favorite Earplugs and 40 Chews)

If you watched last night’s episode, you saw another reason why I’m a giant weirdo (we like to call it “quirky” ’round these parts), specifically: my habit of chewing food 40 times to digest it properly. It stemmed from my trip a couple of years back to Viva Mayr, that Austrian med spa I blogged about here and wrote about for Fox News. (Plum Sykes wrote a hilarious piece on them for Vogue, too.)

Spa Review: Losing Weight, One Chew at a Time, at Viva Mayr in Austria

A few months ago, I went to the Viva Mayr med-spa in Austria...and promptly lost 15 pounds. (Don't worry, I've normalized a bit!) Here's my story on Fox News: Viva Mayr as seen from Lake Worthersee. Do, re, mi! Remember what your mother always used to say? "Chew your food!" Turns out she was right. If you're ...