Royalty Roundup: Happy Birthday Princess Margaret!

Today would have been Princess Margaret’s 84th birthday. Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister is one of my all-time favorite royals. She was beautiful, glamorous (Mick Jagger was a close pal), famously hedonistic (you try finding photos of any other royals smoking in public, let alone naked in the bathtub wearing only jewels), and haughty as hell.

This Week in Royals: William, Kate and George on the Vanity Fair cover

So much William and Kate this week!

Here they are on the cover of Vanity Fair with Prince George: his first cover appearance, but surely not his last. From the Vanity Fair article by Katie Nicholl, we learn that Prince George was a colicky baby who cried a lot and didn’t sleep through the night (so, a baby, then?), was breastfed by Kate, and might be getting a sibling next year after Will ‘n Kate give it another go this summer.

This Week in Royals: Duchess Kate gets nautical, Cressida shows Harry what he’s missing, and Harry bonds with more farm animals

We had quite a bit of action on the Royals front this week! Duchess Kate attended The Queen’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party–I am SO dying to make it into one of these–where she recycled a favorite Alexander McQueen dress.

God, to raid this girl’s wardrobe.