Friday Beauty Links: Conde Nast breaks up with Lucky magazine

In the biggest big of OMG media news I’ve heard in quite a while, Conde Nast is kicking Lucky out. It’s not folding, but it’ll be under different ownership, and will be combined with e-commerce platform BeachMint to form The Lucky Group. EIC Eva Chen will stay on as Chief Creative Officer, and Anna Wintour will be a consultant. Just: wow.

This Week in Royals: William, Kate and George on the Vanity Fair cover

So much William and Kate this week!

Here they are on the cover of Vanity Fair with Prince George: his first cover appearance, but surely not his last. From the Vanity Fair article by Katie Nicholl, we learn that Prince George was a colicky baby who cried a lot and didn’t sleep through the night (so, a baby, then?), was breastfed by Kate, and might be getting a sibling next year after Will ‘n Kate give it another go this summer.

Scarlett Johansson with no makeup in Vanity Fair

I know it’s a bit gimmicky, but I just love things like this: Vanity Fair hired photographer Chuck Close to shoot a bunch of celebrities with no makeup on. (The other requirements of the shoot: arrive alone or with only one friend; be available for three hours; be responsible for your own look; get to the studio yourself; and no complaining about the basic craft services.)

The full portfolio includes celebrities like Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, but a few images from the shoot have leaked out, including my girl Scarlett Johansson, who looks about 12.

Kate Upton Vanity Fair 100th Anniversary Issue Cover

Kate Upton is on the Vanity Fair 100th Anniversary Issue cover. I’m not thrilled by this.

I like Kate well enough. She’s pretty, she seems sweet, and–to paraphrase Lou Grant–she’s got spunk.

But as Kate’s covers have become progressively more high-minded (she’s on the cover of this month’s Elle, and she was on the cover of the June Vogue), I’ve found myself weirdly annoyed–not with her, but by the sudden about-face from all those fashion editors who not that long ago were sneering about her not being editorial enough.