A little realness about being capital-B “Busy” (plus a video on my recent Europe trip)

So after yesterday’s post and big announcement, I know some of you are finally cottoning on to why life has been so different for me recently and why the blog posts went from daily to weekly late last year.

Let’s just say it’s been busy. And no, not the self-imposed, “OMG, you guys, I’m totally so busy! LOL!” that you normally hear people whine about. Busy in an “I’ve been taking as many non-essential things off my plate as possible, but there is still not enough time in the day, week, or month because I have a book due while everything else is going on, and that’s just my life now, and holy hell is it hard, but I am soldiering on and doing my best” kind of way.

Not a badge of honor signaling how important I am. Not a point of pride implying that I am superwoman. Just juggling, treading water, trying not to screw up the few things that must be done.

You dig?

Newlyweds: Episode 3 (My Favorite Earplugs and 40 Chews)

If you watched last night’s episode, you saw another reason why I’m a giant weirdo (we like to call it “quirky” ’round these parts), specifically: my habit of chewing food 40 times to digest it properly. It stemmed from my trip a couple of years back to Viva Mayr, that Austrian med spa I blogged about here and wrote about for Fox News. (Plum Sykes wrote a hilarious piece on them for Vogue, too.)

Spa Review: Losing Weight, One Chew at a Time, at Viva Mayr in Austria

A few months ago, I went to the Viva Mayr med-spa in Austria...and promptly lost 15 pounds. (Don't worry, I've normalized a bit!) Here's my story on Fox News: Viva Mayr as seen from Lake Worthersee. Do, re, mi! Remember what your mother always used to say? "Chew your food!" Turns out she was right. If you're ...